[DNS] SOA (Start Of Autority)

Postamos as informações abaixo para ajudar aos Administradores de DNS a configurar corretamente o SOA .

Serial Number – contains revision number of the zone file. Increases each time a resource record changes in the zone or when when manually pressing Increment button.
When clicking the Increment button, you are forcing a zone transfer.

Primary Server – contains full computer name for primary DNS server of the zone. Name always should end with a period.

Responsible Person – contains responsible person resource record of the person responsible for administering the zone.

Refresh Interval – This determines how long a secondary DNS server waits before querying the master server for a zone renewal. Default is 15 minutes.

Retry Interval – This determines how long a secondary server waits before retrying a failed zone transfer. Is usually less than the refresh interval. Default is 10 minutes.

Expires After This determines the length of time that a secondary server continues to answer queries from DNS clients without any contact with its master server. After the time expires, the data is considered unreliable. Default is 1 day.

Minimum (Default) TTL – This determines the default Time to Live (TTL) that is applied to all resource records in the zone. This refers to the cache life of a resource record in nonauthoritative servers. Default is 1 hour.

TTL For This Record – This determines the TTL of the present SOA resource record. Overrides default value in the Minimum TTL field.